Circumcision is a "catalyst" to HIV/AIDS spread

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    • Circumcision is a "catalyst" to HIV/AIDS spread

      Na, so was aber auch:
      Members of Parliament on the Committee on HIV/AIDS say that circumcision has become a catalyst to the infection of the dreaded disease. This has been mentioned in a meeting where the Director-General of Uganda AIDS Commission was appearing before the committee to update the MPs on matters concerning HIV.The Committee reasoned that Ugandan men are becoming more sexually reckless after being circumcised and that is leading to an increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS…460112-c695xsz/index.html
      Ein Recht auf ein Leben mit vollständigen Genitalien muss in Deutschland möglich sein
    • Interessant. Dies bestätigt, was diverse Studien ebenso herausgefunden haben:…raphic-and-health-survey/

      Ob Bill und Melinda Gates das schon wissen?

      Clearly, circumcision does have negative effects on risky sexual behaviour. A number of reasons do explain this situation. While there is no concrete base upon which to investigate why men who are circumcised maybe engaging in risky sex, it is possible conclude that substantial amount of misinformation on what circumcision can and cannot is influencing this outcome. Based on these findings, it is important to note that the messaging and counselling that goes on around VMMC should be followed up to a logical conclusion. It should be noted that for behaviour change to ensue and take effect, people getting circumcised must undergo pre and post circumcision with deliberate processes of follow ups in communities to help “safe guard” against “falsehood” which if not corrected would inadvertently expose men to a more heightened risk of getting infected with HIV contrary to intended objectives of VMMC.
      "Circumcision replaces sexual pleasure with anger, depression, despair and sorrow"