Gleichberechtigung, Religionsfreiheit

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    • Gleichberechtigung, Religionsfreiheit

      Der Fluch der bösen Tat wird immer sichtbarer. Der Ruf, "wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen" wird lauter.

      "Male circumcision and female circumcision has immense scientific and medical value"

      (OK, mit dem Englisch, das müssen wir noch ein wenig üben)

      Indeed, as the history of female circumcision suggests, if male circumcision were confined to developing nations, it would by now have emerged as an international cause celebre, stirring passionate opposition from feminists, physicians, politicians, and the global human rights community.
      If routine medical circumcision didn't exist today, no one would dare to invent it.

      David Gollaher