Katharina von Schnurbein

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    • Katharina von Schnurbein

      nach der Schnarre jetzt die Schnurre: Katharina von Schnurbein ist "Koordinatorin der Europäischen Kommission zur Bekämpfung von Antisemitismus". Und eifrige Verfechterin der Jungenverstümmelung.

      ‘’The religious communities should be free within the laws. The European legislation permits the slaughter and the brit milah within a certain framework, for example that the kashrut must take place in slaughterhouses and brit milah be executed by professionals."

      In this campaign, we face challenges around legitimate discussions on the banning of Kosher slaughter of animals, or the banning of circumcision", von Schnurbein said, "What we have in common is that we manage to overcome these challenges together."Von Schnurbein noted that there have been "180-degree changes in the positions of countries" and said that this is a result of discussions and joint activities."Things can change", the EU Coordinator said, "We must continue our work because it can lead to change.
      Indeed, as the history of female circumcision suggests, if male circumcision were confined to developing nations, it would by now have emerged as an international cause celebre, stirring passionate opposition from feminists, physicians, politicians, and the global human rights community.
      If routine medical circumcision didn't exist today, no one would dare to invent it.

      David Gollaher