"Morally impermissible"

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    • "Morally impermissible"

      The Brussels Collaboration on Bodily Integrity im American Journal of Bioethics:

      Keeping our focus exclusively on a Western context for
      the purposes of this article, we argue as follows: Under
      most conditions, cutting any person’s genitals without
      their informed consent is a serious violation of their right
      to bodily integrity. As such, it is morally impermissible
      unless the person is nonautonomous (incapable of con-
      sent) and the cutting is medically necessary
      The “crash,” we suggest, may have just happened in
      the federal case. Rather than ruling on the merits, Judge
      Bernard A. Friedman struck down the 1996 American
      law as unconstitutional, citing jurisdictional constraints.
      Congress, he argued, did not have the authority to pass
      a nationwide ban on FGM because it is “local criminal
      activity,” which is the province of the states. He thus
      avoided confronting the equal protection issue at the
      federal level, whilst appearing to be aware of its exist-
      ence: “As laudable as the prohibition of a particular type
      of abuse of girls may be,” he wrote, “it does not logically
      further the goal of protecting children on a nondiscrimi-
      natory basis.”4
      Das kann man natürlich so oder so verstehen. Mehr Schutz für Jungen, oder weniger Schutz für Mädchen. Welche Version Friedman wohl meinen mag?
      Another recent legal development concerns a bill in
      California, introduced but later tabled, that sought to
      outlaw medically unnecessary “intersex” surgeries,
      including so-called “feminizing” clitoroplasty, before an
      age of consent (Gutierrez 2019). The purported goal of
      most such surgeries is to make the child’s genitals
      appear more stereotypically masculine or feminine,
      which some have presumed, albeit without strong
      evidence, to be important for their psychosocial develop-
      ment. However, a growing number of individuals sub-
      jected as children to such genital cutting claim to have
      been seriously harmed by what was done to them when
      they were incapable of understanding the risks and con-
      sequences. Moreover, some express great resentment
      about what they consider a violation of their human
      Schneidet alte Zöpfe ab, keine funktionalen Körperteile!