"Gender Equality"

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    • "Gender Equality"

      It also means taking measures to promote gender equality and to prevent violence against women and end harmful practices, including female circumcision, as recommended by the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women.

      It means ensuring that people are not deprived of their human rights and are not subjected to violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
      Was "Beschneidung" angeht, gibt es doch in Malaysia längst "gender equalitiy" - Mädchen wie Jungen werden "beschnitten".


      man hat die Bilder in dem Artikel etwas vernebelt, hier die alte Fassung:


      Indeed, as the history of female circumcision suggests, if male circumcision were confined to developing nations, it would by now have emerged as an international cause celebre, stirring passionate opposition from feminists, physicians, politicians, and the global human rights community.
      If routine medical circumcision didn't exist today, no one would dare to invent it.

      David Gollaher