I Had an Adult Circumcision and I Totally Regret It

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    • I Had an Adult Circumcision and I Totally Regret It

      Honestly, at the time, I didn't know what a huge decision I was making
      Before puberty, this difference was definitely on my mind, and I remember asking my dad about the possibility of getting circumcised after infancy. But, after growing up and discovering the pleasure of sex with foreskin, I learned to enjoy it.
      It was like having a decent car, then having to downgrade to a worse car. You'll take the worse car because it's better than having to take the bus... but still.
      With my previous girlfriend, I was never able to ejaculate through sex with her. We would have sex for three hours, and I still couldn't orgasm. I was exhausted, and she was exhausted. With my current partner, I can orgasm in an hour and a half, but after an hour, we both get really tired. Before the surgery, I could orgasm in under three minutes. I could also orgasm from getting a blowjob, but now I can't.
      If I were an eccentric multimillionaire, I wouldn't run billboards or trucks saying "save the foreskin" and things like that, but if someone asks me about my experience, I'd tell them, "Hey, if I could turn back time like Cher, I would not have it."

      Mein Penis gehört mir!
      Und der des kleinen Jungen gehört dem kleinen Jungen - alle Teile davon!
      His foreskin, his choice!