Befreiungstechnik bei Reißverschlussunfällen

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    • Befreiungstechnik bei Reißverschlussunfällen

      How to resolve zip injury of prepuce? Better way of manipulation

      Nimesh Thakkar, Pranav Patel*, Nirav Patel

      Department of General Surgery, GMERS Medical College and Hospital, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
      Just ahead of the entrapped foreskin, using an ordinary
      wire cutter, the two unzipped halves were first given
      transverse cuts over the free margin so that the tooth line
      is divided, and then, further cutting the cloth strips just
      lateral to the tooth lines, the cuts were extended along the
      sides of the zip fastener.3 The zip fastener was then held
      with pliers from side to side ensuring that the lateral
      margins of its both anterior and posterior faceplates were
      within the grip of the pliers (Figure 3)....

      Applying a strong compression, the entrapped foreskin
      was released instantaneously. This maneuver was
      painless. It was due to an increased gap between the two
      faceplates of the zip fastener when compression was
      applied from the lateral sides.
      The increased gap resulted in loosening the
      interdigitation of the teeth of the two halves of the zip,
      allowing the prepuce to be slipped off.

      Hört sich pfiffig an.

      In Group A patients, 7 patients out of 10(70%) required
      circumcision at later stage due to pain and unable to
      retract prepuce at the site if injury due to stretching.
      While in Group B study, there was only 1 patient out of
      10 (10%) required circumcision. In long term follow up,
      there was no pain while retracting prepuce in Group B
      patients. Moreover, occurrence of edema in our study was
      also less in patients of group B.

      Das sollten sich unsere Ärzte mal anschauen! Vor allem auch die in den USA, wo ja anscheinend bei solchen Gelegenheiten gerne amputiert wird.
      We suggest children with
      long prepuce to undergo circumcision to avoid such
      injuries and inhabitat wearing underpants or use
      alternative to zip for clothing in children.

      Präventive Genitalverstümmelung ist natürlich Dummquatsch. Unterhosen tragen ist eh hygienischer.
      Ich habe auch eine Vorhaut, die im schlaffen Zustand über die Eichel ragt, und irgendwann bin ich mal als Kind auf die Idee gekommen, die Hose ohne Unterhose anzuziehen. Prompt habe ich mir die Vorhaut im Reißverschluss eingeklemmt - aber nur ganz leicht, war kein Problem. Vorhaut macht einfach Sinn, Unterhose auch.
      Mann muss es nicht auf die harte Tour lernen.

      Im Volltext sind Zeichnungen zu der Technik
      Indeed, as the history of female circumcision suggests, if male circumcision were confined to developing nations, it would by now have emerged as an international cause celebre, stirring passionate opposition from feminists, physicians, politicians, and the global human rights community.
      If routine medical circumcision didn't exist today, no one would dare to invent it.

      David Gollaher