Was zur Hölle ist das?

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    • Was zur Hölle ist das?


      Introduction: Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin cannot be retracted on the glans. Physiological phimosis affects up to 96% of newborns, persisting until three or four years of age. It is a common reason for consultation in primary medical care, with the main treatment being circumcision. Several studies have evaluated the use of topical steroids in the release of the foreskin. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of topical steroid treatment for the liberation of the prepuce in infants with physiological phimosis in the Naval Hospital of Specialties of Veracruz (HOSNAVESVER). Material and methods: Randomized controlled clinical trial in infants between 30 and 60 days of age with physiological phimosis. Three groups were randomized: A (hydrocortisone 1%/physiotherapy), B (petrolatum/physiotherapy) and C (only hydrocortisone 1%), comparing their effectiveness using the Kayaba scale before and after treatment. A statistical analysis was made with χ2 and Kruskal-Wallis tests. Results: 61 infants were included. At the beginning, 17 (85.0%) of group A, 14 (70.0%) of B and 17 (81.0%) of C were in category I of Kayaba; at the end of the treatment, 19 (95.0%) of group A were in category III and IV, 18 (90.0%) of group B, and 19 (90.5%) of group C were in category II and III (p ‹ 0.05). Hydrocortisone/physiotherapy had RR of -93.8%, 95% CI (-99.1% to -57.2%) and NNT of 1, 95% CI (1 to 2). Conclusion: Hydrocortisone 1% with physiotherapy showed greater effectiveness for the treatment of physiological phimosis in infants between 30 and 60 days of age.

      Google Übers. wrote:

      ...plus physiotherapy (manual exercises)
      gentle retraction of the foreskin)
      Was soll das Gefummel? Kann man die Genitalien von Babys nicht einfach mal in Ruhe lassen?
      Was für einen Quatsch hat man den Eltern erzählt (oder gab es gar Knete dafür) damit sie diesem Unfug zustimmen?

      (Volltext in spanisch)

      Schneidet alte Zöpfe ab, keine funktionalen Körperteile!