Götz Egloff: A "Snip" in Time: Circumcision revisited

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    • Götz Egloff: A "Snip" in Time: Circumcision revisited

      The publication of an Italian study on etiology and interactions of frenulum breve, frenulectomy, and premature ejaculation, and the results of a popular Austrian sex study initiated a survey on this topic, accompanied by collecting a small sample of data in an urban practice environment in Germany. Since frenulectomy, for practical reasons, often leads to a complete removal of the prepuce, circumcision has come to the fore anew. Moreover, under the heading, “Ending a myth: male circumcision is not associated with higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction,” a recent study relating circumcision to sexual dysfunction has been published. In this chapter, an overview of research results as well as of psychological and clinical aspects of circumcision and associated subjects is given. There seem to be advantages of circumcision as to sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Depending on etiopathology, some treatment options may require psychosomatic reasoning.
      Keywords: sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, circumcision, psychosomatics, psychotherapy
      Dieser Götz Egloff ist kein ganz unbekannter, 2012 berichtete er von einem 13-Jährigen Jungen, der sich unbedingt die Vorhaut abschneiden lassen wollte:

      There is no skin like foreskin