Circumcision means DYSFUNCTION | Not natural | Fatal decision | Grateful for active community engagement

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    • Circumcision means DYSFUNCTION | Not natural | Fatal decision | Grateful for active community engagement

      Hello, everybody.

      I am writing the following text for the second time, because the first time sending it caused a 503 error and everything was gone. The following text will never ever be as good as the first one I wrote.

      I browsed the internet for circumcision reviews and found many treasureable posts on YahooClever, Reddit, etc.

      I wanted to mention, that I am highly grateful for the engaged community. It gives me glances of hope. It makes me feel less lonely and relatively less crippled.

      Here are many reviews about this topic:

      (Pino) The doctors were allowed to tell my parents every bullsh_t they liked to tell. Of course, my parents at that time were blind. They were not smart enough to see, that their fatal decision was actually about to cripple my whole life experience. They claimed, that my penis was affected by phimosis. Did my parents really think, that they are sufficiently ruthful to care about one random individual out of many of their patients, including his whole future? The doctors get paid for surgeries. Probably much higher than the amount they would have gotten for a phimosis.
      I can exactly remember lying on that surgery bed and then waking up crippled after my anesthesia period. My little brother was somehow not affected due to his luck about a more ruthful doctor.
      Ƣ&and of course: I was not sufficiently knowledgeable to realize, that a dumb decision of my parents was about to cripple my male experiences vastly and making me biologically inferior.
      The doctors just needed my parents to sign, and then, my faith/fate/howeverYouSpellIt was sealed.
      I feel horrified, despite it was not my own fault. I could theoretically have defended myslef, but at that moment, I was not clear about what was going to happen, and how it was going to affect my whole future life experiences. Crippled, restricted and degraded. Even swimming hurts due to the trunk net friction. Swimming is one of the most basic things human could to. I would have enjoyed visiting a swimming pool together with my former girlfriend (who quit only due to my circumcision; detailed story in forum thread 7715). But because of the trunk net friction, the glans is exposed due to the missing foreskin, which makes even that painful.
      Were my parents proud after that process? Were they reliefed? What they did not know by that time: they had just been fooled by a ruthless doctor to cripple my whole life experience.

      My parents could have researched the Internet for just three minutes and think for just a few more seconds. Then, they would have found out, that they could have stretched my foreskin to prevent phimosis, if there was any danger at all. And I was feeling absolutely no phimosis pain at all in my first 4 or 5 life years before I was rubbed off (circumcrippled).
      Compared to that: I am now circumcised for (let's assume) 12 years. 12؃׶0×24×365 (let's not count leap years 0229). 6307200. Just three minutes of correct thinking could have improved my life experience forever.
      Now, everytime I think about any related topics, I remember, how crippled I am. I tell the horrifying stories in my previous posts.
      See this: Victim's story: CRIPPLED by horrifying circumcision. Abused without any clue. | The horrifying truth.

      I would like to say, that I am so sorry for so many religiously crippled babies, that are affected by terrifying surgeries. They were probably circumcised as baby and will never experience how it feels like to be non-crippled.
      I remember having fun with my foreskin as little child by experimenting and pulling it back. Please, do not consider me as a [i'tpervert[/i] for doing that, because many men do these things.
      I am just unable to realize, that I belong to the group of inferior men.

      My final hope is foreskin restoration. And I would like my penis to reach a state as if it was never ever circumcised. Just without any compromises.
      My parents are really friendly people I love. But for being careless at that moment, I am sometimes really emotionally deterioated. I feel degraded. I have enough problems in everyday life.
      Did my parents not know, that the process of circumcision is not symmetric? (means: i.e. can easily be done, but not easily be reversed).

      Well, I am just another worthless person on earth, who will live with circumcision, and die one day. I know, that sounds pessimistic, and I am rather an optimistic person, but circumcision is a no-go. I hope my children will forgive me for having a circumcised father. They will be horrified by the fact, that a part of their generic information was ejected out of a crippled penis.

      It's like a vehicle without windshield.
      I really appreciate anybody, who read my whole text. This is a story of confusion, traumatics and a chain of preventable events. Everything was fine, until that day. I want my foreskin back.