Dorsal slit preputioplasty for phimosis: a prepuce conserving surgery

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    • Dorsal slit preputioplasty for phimosis: a prepuce conserving surgery

      Most of patients with phimosis are subjected to circumcision. Instead of circumcision, a conservative surgical approach preputioplasty can be done as a prepuce salvage procedure.
      Results: All patients were operated under local anaesthesia in
      outpatient department. The mean operative time was 10 minutes. No major
      complication was seen in any of these patients. Oedema of prepuce,
      haematoma and mild inflammation was noticed in a small number of
      patients. But wound infection and disruption occurred in none of the
      patients. The wound healing was good in all the patients on two weeks
      follow up. On one month follow up the cosmetic results were very good as
      per patient satisfaction.
      Conclusions: Dorsal slit preputioplasty is a simple procedure to perform
      without special equipment, less cost and less morbidity as day surgery
      procedure. This technique produces salvage of prepuce thereby conserving
      the sensations and functions inherent to prepuce.
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