A new preputioplasty technique as circumcision alternative

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    • A new preputioplasty technique as circumcision alternative

      Surgery is required for phimosis with a contracted fibrous ring or when the medical treatment with steroids has been unsuccessful. Surgical teams often opt for circumcision when a conservative technique can be used. This surgery could have some psychologic consequences, and when the circumcision in not according to religious convictions, it cannot be live well for the patient and his family. Furthermore, some surgery procedures for prepuce conservation seem to give some unaesthesics aspects with cutaneous excess. The objective of this study was to evaluate our new preputioplasty technique according to the initial diagnosis (phimosis with scarred foreskin or long and narrow foreskin), in situation where circumcision is required currently. Outcome evaluated was: easy and painless foreskin retraction, absence of postoperative phimosis as well as cosmetic aspects of the penis. In this study, 90 children benefited from this technique and subsequent follow-up. The mean age was 7.9 years for the 32 children in the sclerotic phimosis group and 6.8 years for the 58 children in the long and narrow foreskin group. We observed complete foreskin retraction without any recurrence in 100% of children with a phimosis resistant to medical treatment which consisted of progressive foreskin retraction and application of topical steroids, with a mean postoperative follow-up of 1.4 years. Results showed an excellent cosmetic aspect of the penis with absence of enlarged foreskin in all our subjects. This study underlines the relevance of this surgical technique.

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