Vorhautwiederherstellung - Alles, was man wissen muss(FAQ) - Englische Version

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    • Vorhautwiederherstellung - Alles, was man wissen muss(FAQ) - Englische Version

      Die wichtigsten Fragen rund um die Vorhautwiederherstellung.
      Dies ist eine Zusammenstellung von von James Ketter auf Facebook, die ich mit seiner freundlichen Genehmigung hier gerne teile.
      Gerne kann sich jemand über die Übersetzung hermachen. Andernfalls werde ich es machen, das dürfte aber noch eine Weile dauern...

      Foreskin Restoration. Everything you need to know. (an FAQ)

      One of the biggest reasons I am an Intactivist and openly speak out against the genital cutting of ALL children is because I discovered foreskin restoration. Once I realized that such a thing was possible It made me
      realize just how wrong cutting the genitals of non consenting children really is. Once I experienced the reality of what I was missing there left no more room for any doubt in my mind.

      Foreskin restoration literally changed my entire life. Wherever I can, I try to spread the word about it.

      Because I openly talk about restoring my foreskin, I get a lot of questions about it filling up my message box. I'm NOT an expert by any means, but I try to share what I can. In an effort to try and head off some of the more common questions I get, I am writing this as a sort of primer for beginners or those who just have questions about it.

      1) “Is foreskin restoration a type of surgery?”

      (Though there are surgical methods for replicating a foreskin they have not proved overly satisfactory to those who have endured it.)

      Foreskin restoration is a method of growing new skin cells by placing tension on the remaining shaft skin. Over time this tension and new skin cell growth will lead to a lengthening of the shaft skin. Eventually this lengthening of the skin will begin to double over itself and extend beyond the edge of the corona of the glans (head of the penis) and will begin to take on the look and functions of the missing foreskin.

      This tension is called “tugging.” A few hours of gentle tugging per day is all one needs to see results.

      2) “Does it hurt?”

      The first rule of foreskin restoration is, If it hurts you are doing it wrong!

      Gentle tugging is all that is needed. The skin should remain taut but this should neither be uncomfortable nor should you experience any pain. If you pull too hard on your skin, to the point where you feel pain, you risk causing yourself injury which can result in stretch marks or scarring. Added scarring could slow your results, and stretch marks will ruin your end result of a natural looking foreskin.

      Tug consistently, but tug GENTLY.

      3) “How much does foreskin restoration cost?”

      Foreskin restoration doesn't have to cost you anything at all. There are methods for tugging that use nothing but your own two hands to place tension on the skin. These methods absolutely work, and many who do it report excellent results. It is called Manual Tugging. It is a great place to start for most beginners.

      In fact I myself have been using manual tugging methods for over the last two years. I am very happy with my results.

      However, if manual tugging isn't right for you because of privacy concerns or maybe you just don't have the time, then there are devices you can purchase and wear under your clothes. Some use tension with elastic bands. Some use tape. Some are tapeless. Some use weights, and there are dozens of contraptions you can make all on your own with things you might even have lying around the house.

      If you do find that wearing a foreskin restoration device is more to your liking then check out some of the reputable manufacturers. (Check out NORM [dot] org for a list of devices and costs.) These manufacturers have a lot of experience making devices that are both comfortable and effective.

      The most expensive restoration device I ever saw was about $400. The majority sell for less than $100, and are well worth it.

      4) “Is foreskin restoration some sort a new fad?”

      Foreskin restoration has been around about as long as circumcision has, thousands of years at least. There are many ancient depictions of men stretching or weighting their penile skin to undo their circumcisions.
      Foreskin restoration was well known at the time of the writing of the New Testament. There are also many foreskin restoration devices that have been uncovered called The Judaeus Pondum, and The Kynodesme, among many others.

      5) “How does it work?”

      Putting skin under gentle tension has long been known as a method for growing new skin. Plastic surgeons use it all the time to correct damaged skin. The process is known as Cellular Mitosis.

      This process also happens naturally in the human body. When someone gets fat their skin expands to allow for the added mass. Body modification enthusiasts use cellular mitosis to extend their earlobes, lips and expand openings to accommodate large plugs or heavy jewelry. The method is well known, and has been used successfully for thousands of years.

      6) “How long does it take?”

      Foreskin restoration has a lot of variables. How tightly you were cut, what your end goals are, the size of your member, how much time you can dedicate to tugging, genetic predisposition, age. The variables are endless.

      For some it may take only a year or two. For others it may take the better part of a decade. Because every circumcision scar is different, and every person is different, your mileage may vary.

      7) “How long before I start to see results?”

      Most beginners will start to see results in their first few weeks. As the skin loosens up suddenly erections are no longer as tight and a more natural sexual experience can be felt for the first time.

      8 ) “How different will sex feel with a restored foreskin?”

      Again, your mileage will vary, but the simple answer is VERY different, and much more positive. The closer to the natural rolling/gliding action you get the greater the improved sensation and control.

      Until you have experienced the rolling/gliding action for yourself it is very difficult to describe without resorting to the poetic.

      What you will eventually experience is an increase in the magnitude of your orgasm. It will travel much further throughout your body and the effect of it will grow. Instead of the experience lasting only a few seconds, it can last for minutes or longer. Many men who restore report a moment when they go from a genital orgasm to a Full Body orgasm.

      You will also discover that your control over your orgasm will change. You will be able to experience orgasm WITHOUT ejaculation. As you feel more and more feedback from your partner you will also be better able to time your orgasms with hers.

      9) “Where does all this new sensation come from?”

      There are two answers to this.

      First, from a process called dekeratinization. As you restore and recover more and more of your glans with your natural skin, the thick callousing will begin to shed. This layer of keratin developed over the end of your penis after circumcision to protect it from daily rubbing and exposure.
      Once these layers of keratin are shed it frees up the buried nerve ending making the glans of the penis and the remaining inner foreskin much more sensitive.

      Second, as you grow more skin the remaining nerve axons branch off, growing along with the new skin. Though this is NOT technically growing new nerve endings, it DOES create a greater surface area over which you can experience pleasurable sensations. The lengthened and dekeratinized inner foreskin becomes much more sensitive and responsive than the glans itself. The act of these two sensitive structures rolling over each other during intercourse is a feeling that cannot be described without the words, exquisite and unbelievable.

      10) “Is a restored foreskin the same as what was removed during circumcision?”

      Sadly, no. The restored foreskin will still be missing many of the functions of the natural foreskin. Much of what was removed, like the frenular band, the dartous muscle sheet, and the thousands of specialized nerve endings are lost for good. Without a complete frenulum and frenular band the restored foreskin will have to be slid back over the glans manually instead of just naturally sliding back into place automatically.

      What is grown is NOT a natural foreskin, but a restored foreskin. Restoring does not and cannot make a man “uncircumcised.” Foreskin restoration cannot completely undo the damage that was done.

      However, there are many men who have been circumcised as adults, only to regret it, who have gone on to restore their foreskins. They report that foreskin restoration restores 70 to 80% of what a natural foreskin feels like.

      11) “How different will sex feel after I restore my foreskin?”

      There is no way to fully quantify this question. No way for me to put an arbitrary number on it.

      To me, I feel my sexual satisfaction has increased a phenomenal amount. It was like I was driving a little standard transmission 1998 Toyota Corolla. It was an enjoyable little car by anyone's estimation. But now, I am driving a fully loaded paddle shift 2015 BMW i8 sports car. Both will get you reliably from point A to point B, but one is just FAR more enjoyable and awesome to drive.

      12) “Is there any downside to restoring?”

      I try to warn people who choose to restore that they should watch out for some dramatic emotional pitfalls along the way.

      For me, the first time I experienced the full pleasure of the restored rolling and gliding action and felt my orgasm spreading out further and lasting longer than it ever could before, I felt two completely contradictory emotions.

      I felt absolute elation so powerful I wanted to sing it from the mountaintops like Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music.'

      But, I also felt an incredibly powerful sense of rage and anger when I realized all the years of my life I have been denied those natural sensations of my body. All those years lost, and without recovery. That
      someone intentionally decided I wasn't worthy of experiencing something so essential to my emotional and physical well being was beyond my ability to deal with rationally.

      The instant I knew and experienced exactly what I had been missing due to my infant circumcision was the same instant I felt a rage more powerful than anything I ever thought I was capable of feeling.

      Restoration can be an emotional journey. You need to have a good network of people you can rely on and talk to openly about your journey. You absolutely need to have supportive people in your corner, or it won't work.

      At times, you will feel like you aren't making any progress. At times you will become discouraged. There will be days you feel like giving up, and there will be days you feel like telling every random stranger you meet on the street how wonderful your experience is. You need to be prepared for all of it.

      13) “What if I don't have enough skin to restore?”

      Unless your penis was completely severed, or your penile skin was completely denuded during circumcision, you can restore your foreskin. If you have a penis then there is a method out there for you. The most common method for beginners is manual tugging. Start there.

      14) “What age is the earliest someone can begin restoration?”

      I've heard of children as young as 9 years of age who have started restoration. The earlier, the better.
      The only barrier is the individual's desire to do it for himself. I was 5 years old when I first realized what circumcision was. Had I known then about foreskin restoration I would have started then. The only restriction is that it must be his own choice. No one can do it for him. He has to want it for his own reasons, or he will never stick with it. It takes years to accomplish. It cannot be forced upon him, otherwise it is just another person again taking away his own personal choice for his own personal body.

      15) “How do I talk my significant other into restoring his foreskin?”

      All you can do is be honest and tell him that restoration exists. Maybe point him to some websites where he can do some reading on his own. If he is happy with himself the way he is, and has no interest in experiencing sex the way nature intended it, then he cannot be forced. It must be the choice of the individual.

      Respect him, and respect his choice for his own body. That is what this fight for genital integrity is all about.

      If he is interested, then let him know you will support him and love him no matter what. Just knowing you've got someone who will give you unconditional love no matter what you decide for your own body can be a powerful motivator.

      16) “Has anyone ever restored their foreskin who hates it?”

      Not that I have ever met or heard about. I've sadly met a few circumfetishists who claim they want to grow their foreskin back only so they can experience the pain of circumcision all over again, but no one
      I've spoken to who has actually begun restoration has been dissatisfied. Certainly no one I know of who has actually restored would ever let anyone cut them again.

      17) “Is a restored foreskin difficult to clean?”

      In a word, NO.

      A penis with a restored foreskin takes no more time to clean than a circumcised penis. The only thing you need to remember is NOT to get any soap under there. Soap and soap residue does not belong inside of
      anyone's genitals, male or female. Clean under your restored foreskin with clean water only.

      18 ) “Will I start to see smegma?”

      If you shower every day then probably not. Smegma takes a long time to build up under a foreskin. It is the combination of skin oils and shed skin cells. If you are showering daily it won't build up enough for you
      to ever notice it. Even if you do, it just rinses off.

      Circumcised men produce smegma too. It just rubs off on the inside of their underwear over the course of a day. Nothing to be concerned about.

      19) “Will people be able to tell that my restored foreskin isn't natural?”

      Doctors, nurses and even other intact men have been fooled by restored foreskins. The longer you restore, the more natural the end result will look.

      20) “What do you get out of this? Are you selling something?"

      I'm not selling a damn thing. The only thing I am doing is passing on the information to you, so you can make up your own mind. I don't get anything out of this one way or the other. Whether you restore or not my bank account stays equally empty.

      If I get anything at all out of this it would be the satisfaction of knowing more men are taking their own futures and their own bodies back.

      21) “Do you want to see a picture of my dick?”

      Absolutely NOT! I have seen enough dicks in my life I don't need to see yours. If you want to share images of your penis online so that you can get advice about your restoration I can direct you to a couple private
      online forums specifically for that purpose. I do not need dick picks in my message box.

      22) “Can you send me a picture of YOUR dick?”

      Uh... no. I do not share pictures of my dick online, or anywhere else for that matter. Please stop asking.

      23) “Where do I go to start?”

      There are literally dozens of pages dedicated to foreskin restoration and many forums for discussing methods, progress, and for support.

      Google “Foreskin Restoration.” Google is your friend.


      That is about all I can think of for now. If you have any other questions, post them in the comments section, or send me a private message and I will try to answer. I'll update this FAQ as I have the time.

      I hope this helps those who are interested.

      Good luck, and KOT! (Keep on Tugging!)
      Wenn aus Recht Unrecht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht! (Bertold Brecht)
      Bräuche und Traditionen können den Menschen an jegliche Abscheulichkeiten gewöhnen (G.B. Shaw)
      Nicht unseren Vorvätern wollen wir trachten uns würdig zu zeigen - nein: unserer Enkelkinder! (Bertha von Suttner)
    • Ich bin sicher, bei der Übersetzung wird sich ein passenderer Ausdruck finden ... ;)
      Wenn aus Recht Unrecht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht! (Bertold Brecht)
      Bräuche und Traditionen können den Menschen an jegliche Abscheulichkeiten gewöhnen (G.B. Shaw)
      Nicht unseren Vorvätern wollen wir trachten uns würdig zu zeigen - nein: unserer Enkelkinder! (Bertha von Suttner)
    • Weguer wrote:

      I've heard of children as young as 9 years of age who have started restoration. The earlier, the better.
      Ist das wirklich sinnvoll mit dem Alter schon anzufangen? Der kleine ist ja noch nicht ausgewachsen, kann es dann nicht auch sein das alles um sonst war wenn er Erwachsen ist?
      Wenn 50 Millionen Menschen etwas Dummes sagen, bleibt es trotzdem eine Dummheit. (Anatole France)