Men Who Resent Their Circumcision Speak Out

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    • Men Who Resent Their Circumcision Speak Out

      About half of American male newborns are circumcised shortly after birth. A group known as "INTACTivists" are working hard to bring this number to zero by changing the way people think about penises sexually, religiously and emotionally.

      Originally aired on July 28, 2014
      Hosted by:

      Nancy Redd


      Brian Levitt (San Francisco, CA) Against Circumcision
      Enzo Aiello (Rome, Italy) Against Circumcision; President, Foregen; Foreskin Restoration Expert
      Evan Roman @evanroman1 (Portland, OR) His Mother Apologized For His Circumciscion; Regrets Circumcision
      Ron Low @TLCTugger (Boulder, CO) Foreskin Restoration Expert

      Watch the video here.