Court slams Knesset for failing to regulate circumcision

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    • Court slams Knesset for failing to regulate circumcision

      Court slams Knesset for failing to regulate circumcision

      An Israeli court slammed the Knesset on Thursday for failing to enact legislation regulating circumcision, saying it should have done so long ago.

      Wo es doch immer hieß, dass die Standards in Israel so hoch wären und man sich hierzulande nur an der israelischen Handhabung orientieren bräuchte.
    • "The indictment stemmed from a circumcision performed in Ashkelon in July 2010 by a well-known mohel from Jerusalem with many years of experience. The mohel brought a student from overseas with him, and the two performed the circumcision together. Both during and after the circumcision, the baby’s father complained that it had taken too long, and the baby suffered heavy bleeding as a result.

      Earlier this year, a bill to regulate circumcision was submitted to the Knesset. But in his verdict, Nachmias noted that similar bills have been submitted many times over the last two decades, including two in 1993. Yet thus far, none has been enacted.

      One major reason for the Knesset’s consistent failure to deal with the issue is that Jewish law obligates every father to circumcise his own child. In practice, most people hire a professional mohel. But in principle, imposing criminal sanctions on the performance of a religious commandment would be problematic from the standpoint of freedom of religion."
      "Man muss diese versteinerten Verhältnisse dadurch zum Tanzen zwingen, dass man ihnen ihre eigne Melodie vorsingt!" K.M.