Circumcision & Gender Equality

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    • Circumcision & Gender Equality

      Nicht, dass ihr bei dem Titel etwas falsches denkt! (Soll man lachen oder weinen?)

      Not everyone can open a center to help victims; not everyone will encounter a victim of female circumcision and hear her story personally. Yet everyone can join the ranks of those who work for a better world! We can start today on a journey to move away from a material framework of thinking and living, toward a spiritual definition of God and His/Her creation, where the dignity and safety of each idea originate. All human rights activists agree that we shouldn’t wait for good things to happen; we should work to make them happen. Can we, then, become mental activists? We can, knowing that the equality of man and woman is a spiritual fact; knowing that there is a God, Spirit, in whom all being originates.
      Zwischentöne sind Krampf
      im Anti-Verstümmelungskampf