Paul Tinari's story

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    • Paul Tinari's story

      Forcible Circumcision of Paul Tinari

      I was about eight, yes. I didn’t know anything about masturbating. I was totally innocent… Anyway, so late, late one night—we slept in a big dormitory with all the other boys—and late one night the priest came in and really roughly pulled me out of bed. He brought me down the stairs, he brought me down the hall, and he brought me to this room where there was this bearded guy. I didn’t know what was going on. It took me a long time to figure out what role these people played. It turns out that the guy with the beard who was wearing a beanie and a black suit was a mohel. A Jewish circumciser.

      They pulled my pyjamas down and then tried to pin me down to the desk, but of course it’s easier to do that to a baby than an eight year old. I fought back. I kicked one of the priests who was holding me down in the nose, and their response to that was to actually break my arm and break my nose. So I had a broken arm and a broken nose—which I still have to this day. He pinned me down, the guy put a clamp on my penis, and they performed the circumcision right there on the desk with no anaesthetic, no disinfectant, no nothing.

      So as a result of this I had very serious infections for many, many weeks and months afterwards. Matter of fact, I had a chronic infection for the rest of my life until I had corrective surgery… He took so much skin off that I wasn’t able to have an erection without great pain.