"Brother K" confronts circumcision doctor

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    • "Brother K" confronts circumcision doctor

      When a nurse in Spokane, Washington bragged on Facebook about performing her first circumcision -- "Watch out, boys! Here I come!" -- I drove from California to Spokane to talk with her & her supervising doctor. It was cold and rainy, and after several hours outside the clinic I was ready to head back to California. My friend, Shelley Wright, called me from Delaware. She said, "Did you get a picture of your protest?" -- "No." I said. -- "Don't leave until you get a photo!" she said. I asked several passersby for help. No one would take the photo. Then I saw a utility box, lay my camera on it, and set the auto-timer. This is the photo I took that day. Just as I was leaving, my friend Shelby Penton arrived. She'd only heard about the protest that morning from others on Facebook. Shelby, her son, Sawyer, and a friend of hers joined me for another hour of protest. I'm ready to take on a new circumciser somewhere. Here's the video of my meeting with the doctor in Spokane.
      - Brother K