From an email to me

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    • From an email to me

      I got an email from my american friend "David" yesterday.

      We know each other since a few months and to my question, what he liked to say to his mother about his circumcision, I got this answer:

      My mother made the decision to have my genitals mutilated. This is what I have to say to my mother.

      I hate you. I hate you so much.

      disrespected MY BODY. You allowed your personal preferences to be
      carved into MY PENIS. You didn't think about the future and MY FEELINGS
      and MY OPINION regarding this subject. You allowed some unethical and
      greedy scumbag posing as a "doctor" to mutilate MY PENIS against my
      will. My loud and piercing screams were telling everyone within earshot
      that I was not consenting to this procedure.

      I hate you. I hate you so much.

      You ignored my pain and complaints. You never even questioned
      your decision even when I complained to you about painful erections or
      an exposed and irritated glans that was rubbing raw against my underwear
      all day long. And you have never even aplogized to me. I am the one who
      has to live with the negative side effects, the pain and the daily
      reminder that YOU allowed something special, unique and natural to be
      taken from MY BODY.

      MY PENIS belongs to ME. MY BODY, MY CHOICE.

      I hate you. I hate you so much.
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