Traumatische Auswirkungen der Beschneidung auf Neugeborene

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    • Traumatische Auswirkungen der Beschneidung auf Neugeborene

      Erkenntnisse aus der regressiven Therapie

      Leaning backwards over a rolled-up towel strapped to a kitchen stool (a device called “The Rack” by Bioenergetic Analysis therapists [see Figure 1]), an exercise that forcibly relaxed the ordinarily tense muscles in the solar plexus region, released feelings of fear, much yelling and crying, but no clear indicators of the exact nature of the experience my body/mind was remembering. Shortly after that experience, I was permitted to pursue an unanticipated and, until then, deeply repressed inclination to have a full-blown, wordless temper tantrum (see Figure 2).
    • About 15 years ago, Marilyn Fayre Milos and I were working together at a NOCIRC booth at a health fair in San Francisco. A woman came hurriedly over and introduced herself as an RN who also has a therapy practice that uses hypnosis for regression. She still maintains a private practice today. She said she was glad to see us because circumcision had recently come to the forefront of the therapy work she was doing. She found that under hypnosis, the birth experience was similar for men and women. This had been the case for years. However, she noticed that if she kept the subjects under hypnosis long enough, something odd started to emerge in about 80% of the men.

      "They would lie on the floor and become rigid, like they were in some kind of restraint. Then they would begin to thrash around against their perceived restrictions. They moaned, screamed and shouted. When many realized they were not actually restrained, they became very active and aggressive in the room. After a while they would become exhausted, and at that point she would bring them up out of hypnosis. Upon waking some wondered why they were lying on the floor and had been crying.

      "At first, this therapist thought she was witnessing some sort of child abuse involving binding and beating. She assumed this for a while, but the pattern was surprisingly consistent and limited to men she saw. Then she apparently came across something detailing the physical and psychological effects of circumcision and something clicked. It started to all make sense. She made inquiries and correlated these experiences among her male patients with newborn circumcision.

      "She continued the therapy with these men to work through their subconscious, bottled-up rage. But she wondered about all the American men out there living daily with unresolved rage and pain. That meant most of the guys who she would encounter on any given sidewalk in America.

      "Marilyn and I encouraged her to write up her findings, but I don't believe she ever did. She was invited to present this at a NOCIRC symposium, but it never came to pass.

      "I still remember the chills I felt as she told us this story. It has had a real effect on how I perceive neonatal circumcision.

      ~Jason Fairfield
    • Ein Mann erlebt seltsame Dinge während der regressiven Therapie. Er schreit hell und schrill wie ein Baby, fühlt sich bedroht, zieht die Knie an, versucht etwas von sich wegzutreten und fühlt plötzlich einen Schmerz am Penis, als ob jemand mit einem Messer daran schneiden würde. Auf der Suche nach einer Erklärung wird ihm das Trauma und das Grauen der Beschneidung klar, dem er als Neugeborener unterzogen wurde.

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      Bräuche und Traditionen können den Menschen an jegliche Abscheulichkeiten gewöhnen (G.B. Shaw)
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