The worst example of acceptance for religious special claims

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    • The worst example of acceptance for religious special claims


      Google Übers wrote:

      The worst example of acceptance for religious special claims might be something most believers perform, something that is irreversible - and where children are harmed ... Maybe something, for example, well, to cut the foreskin of infants.

      Google Übers. wrote:

      So, understand me right, I also think handshake denial is problematic. But it is highly reversible, many Muslims hand-greet everyone, no one becomes severely injured....

      Google Übers. wrote:

      Circumcision of boys' children is law in Norway, and Siv Jensen has repeatedly made it explicitly clear that this is how she wants it to continue to be. In 2017, Frp's national meeting passed a ban, but Jensen voted against and told Aftenposten that "I voted wrong. But I'm against banning it. " In a meeting with Jewish leaders in Europe just over a month after the National Assembly decision, Siv Jensen spoke to his own party opposite and promised continued protection of the right to cut off the foreskin of little boys. - Under my leadership, (the adopted ban) will not be followed up, Jensen said .
      Diese Siv Jensen geilt sich am Händeschütteln-Verweigern auf, aber Genitalverstümmelung ist für sie OK?

      Google Übers. wrote:

      There seems to be basic cross-party agreement that an age limit on circumcision should be introduced. 15, 16 and 18 years are discussed. Few people seem to think it is unproblematic to cut away part of the genitals for little boys.
      A mini-seminar during Arendalsuka in August was devoted to the theme. Mats Liland from Stopp circumcision gave a lecture, and during the questioning round it was discussed why there will never be a ban in Norway. Two grounds were left as the most important. The consideration of Muslim voters (we can assume it is greater in Red than in Frp) and the fear of being labeled as anti-Semite (probably equal in both wings).
      But you don't hate Jews or Muslims if you want to protect infants from the scalpel, right? From the discomfort, the potential injuries and the pain. From the right of disposal over your own body. From a potentially impaired sexuality.
      Danske Svend Ravn was circumcised when he was little and has previously told Vårt Land that he has problems in daily life (like cycling) and in sex life (he does not come). The problems have gotten worse over time. He is not alone. My God, there is a market for artificial foreskin!
      If Siv Jensen thinks something proper and principled about her outcome against acceptance for religious special requirements, she should turn around and say clearly that it is no better for Jews to cut into children's penises than it is for Muslims to refuse to take people by the hand. .…andhilser-pa-vanlige-folk
      Where have all the foreskins gone
      long time passing
      where have all the foreskins gone
      long time ago
      where have all the foreskins gone
      doctors cut them one by one

      When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?