HUFO, The Missing Piece

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    • HUFO, The Missing Piece

      A new art exhibit is making its Philadelphia debut at Open Space Studio this week. Entitled “HUFO, The Missing Piece,” this unique installation lies at the intersection of human experience, medical science and, according to its Italian creator, human rights. Its aim is to raise awareness about a procedure many take for granted, but that others find hugely concerning.
      HUFO stands for human foreskin. The artist, Vincenzo Aiello, is an opponent of infant male circumcision.
      “Newborn circumcision is a trauma, and it’s ingrained in our psychology,” said Aiello, whose nine artworks with silicone replicas of human foreskin draw inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. “There are obvious concerns and dangers to the infant. And remember, anything that is a danger to an infant is a danger to society.”
      Aiello is not alone in his opinions
      Nein, er ist nicht allein

      “I consider circumcision an epidemic of great harm that will stop when doctors stop performing this atrocity,” said George Denniston, the Philadelphia-born, Penn medical school-educated founder of Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC), a national group against foreskin removal done for non-medical reasons.

      Holland, an engineer, said she looked into some of the research and didn’t find it compelling enough to perform a procedure on her infant, which she worried might cause him pain. Her son, now 7, has never had a urinary infection and hasn’t been teased by other boys for having a penis that looks different from theirs.…o-penis-art-20190604.html

      Schneidet alte Zöpfe ab, keine funktionalen Körperteile!