Circumciser Timothy C Gompf Profits From Harming Children

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    • Circumciser Timothy C Gompf Profits From Harming Children

      Circumciser Timothy C Gompf Profits From Harming Children

      Ein Video vom 06.10.15

      Das Video ist auf englisch und erzählt, was in letzter Zeit alles auf FB los war. Es beschreibt die Aktivisten, wie sie Scheinargumente für die Beschneidung wiederlegen ...

      Bonobo3D wrote:

      Veröffentlicht am 06.10.2015

      When Timothy C Gompf, a man who cuts apart, damages and scars the private parts of children for money, posted about his genital mutilation business on Facebook, human rights activists immediately started commenting on his post, offering Mr. Gompf information about normal human genital anatomy and function, medical ethics and reminders of the basic tenets of medicine. Gompf removed his post, took down his Facebook page and his wife's Facebook page and attempted to hide his sordid business from public view.

      A growing number of genital mutilating doctors are beginning to hear the screams of their infant victims, and the angry and informed voices of adults who were subjected as children to this unwarranted assault and battery; others attempt to discredit activists who speak up for the human rights of children.

      The victims of the most common form of male genital mutilation will not be silenced any longer. Unscrupulous doctors who break the Hippocratic oath are hearing complaints about the harm they cause children and the adults they become. Until they put down the knives and respect their patients' human rights to bodily integrity they will continue to hear our voices.

      This video uses images based upon fair use for reporting, educating, parody, commentary and criticism.

      #Ethics, #GenitalMutilation, #MedicalFraud, #ForcedCircumcision, #MaleGenitalMutilation, #RapeCulture, #Intactivist, #HumanRights, #GenitalAutonomy, #GenitalIntegrity, #ChildAbuse, #MalePrivilege
      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

      "Wer sich nicht an die Vergangenheit erinnern kann, ist dazu verdammt, sie zu wiederholen."

      George Santayana (1863-1952)