Florida: circumcision battle

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    • Intact America wrote:

      The collective heart of the intactivist movement is breaking for Chase Hironimus, barely five years old. First, he was ripped from his mother’s arms by a father and a court system that judged her to be an unfit parent for daring to protect her son from medically unnecessary circumcision. Then, he was handed over to a father obsessed with the desire to mutilate his genitals. In turn, Chase’s father delivered him to doctors eager to violate his rights and his body by carrying out that mutilation for a fee. Only when Chase’s circumcision wound did not heal did those doctors begin to worry about the child’s well-being, conducting tests which led to the discovery that Chase has leukemia.
    • Vom geschehenen Unrecht darf niemand wissen:

      Nebus wrote:

      Do you think that the world has the right to know that he's been circumcised?"


      Nebus wrote:

      ..that your child was circumcised is a private matter that should have been private for him?

      Ja, genau, das sollte eigentlich eine ganz private Entscheidung des Betroffenen sein. Es geht ja schließlich um seinen Penis, nicht den des Herrn Nebus.

      Wenn Stress das Immunsystem schwächt, und das Immunsystem bei der Leukämie-Entstehung eine wichtige Rolle spielt... einen schlimmeren Stress als nach sechs gemeinsamen Jahren von der Mutter weggerissen zu werden kann man sich für ein Kind kaum vorstellen.

      Es ist natürlich auch ganz toll, dass man einem schwerkranken Jungen noch eine belastende OP zumutet, statt dass man vor einer OP einen gründlichen Gesundheitscheck macht. War das Nebus zu teuer?

      Jetzt kann man Chase nur wünschen, dass er die Krankheit übersteht und dass sein Mutter ihn endlich wieder besuchen darf.

      In einem Land wo solche Sauereien möglich sind möchte ich nicht leben.

      Friede den kleinen Schniedeln
      Krieg dem §1631d
    • SUN-SENTINEL wrote:

      The West Boynton mother who lost her fight to stop her 5-year-old son's circumcision has won the right to visits with the child, now suffering from leukemia.
      Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jessica Ticktin has ordered that "it is in the best interests of the child" for his mother, Heather Hironimus, to see him while he undergoes chemotherapy.

      SUN-SENTINEL wrote:

      The judge wrote that "there has been a substantial change in circumstances … in that the minor child is now facing a life-threatening illness, which was not contemplated by either party."
      Anscheinend hat auch die Richterin nicht daran gedacht, dass eine Beschneidung auch tödlich sein kann...

      SUN-SENTINEL wrote:

      Meanwhile, Hironimus still must abide by the terms of a July pretrial intervention agreement that resolved her felony interference with custody charge.She is required to: check in with a probation officer once a month; submit to random drug testing; undergo a mental health evaluation; and complete a four-hour parenting course.
      Ein "parenting-course" für eine Mutter, die ihren Sohn vor unnötigen Schmerzen/Risiken schützen wollte. :FP01


    • Now, regardless of where you stand on the uncomfortable issue of circumcision, there is at least one thing most logical folks can agree on:
      Signing a ‘consent’ form in handcuffs, while praying and hysterically crying under the guise that you will be released from jail is not entering into an agreement “freely and willingly.”
      A spokesman for a Catholic organization in Ithaca, NY said of the duress: “A consent form signed under mental anguish and with the threat of staying in jail is not consent. That is coercion…”
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      Krieg dem §1631d