Cutting in Girls and Boys

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    • Cutting in Girls and Boys

      This issue examines both directions within the equivalence argument: the plausibility of legalization
      of FGC, but also the possibility that boys require protection from forms of male genital cutting. This
      second possibility – of proposing an age limit or ban on boy circumcision – is also controversial,
      particularly at a time in which there is growing concern about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. This
      may, in part, explain worldwide reluctance by otherwise interventionist policy makers to act upon
      the similarities of boy and girl circumcision.
      Tja, Anti-Bohrismus und Bhoraphobia sind wohl nicht so schlagkräftig. Da setzt man sich dann lieber diskriminierende Scheuklappen auf.

      Nevertheless, increased concern on children’s rights, anti-circumcision activism and emerging
      interest within the media in similarities between girl and boys circumcision mean that the articles in
      this issue feed into a dynamic set of debates within societies. Indeed, where previous generations
      may have cut without question or rejected any discussion of cutting at all, parents may increasingly
      need to interrogate the questions of whether, when, how, and on what grounds, they circumcise
      their children.…cision_Why_or_Why_Not.pdf
      Where have all the foreskins gone
      long time passing
      where have all the foreskins gone
      long time ago
      where have all the foreskins gone
      doctors cut them one by one
      When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?