Jay Mjinga on African Circumcision and Kenyan Politics | Brendon Marotta Show

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    • Jay Mjinga on African Circumcision and Kenyan Politics | Brendon Marotta Show

      Ein Text von Jay Mjinga, an dessen Ende ein Interview mit ihm und Brandon Marotta verlinkt ist. Die Audioqualität ist nicht immer überragend, die Aussagen sollten aber ausreichend verständlich sein.

      "I was suggesting we share our circumcision stories, because i vividly remember mine. Where I come from in Kenya Africa we got circumcised at age 12. I still remember every bit of details. From how some people came to our village and put us in a van. We thought we were going for some beautiful adventure. We were about 15 boys in each van all happy and singing and laughing because for once we were free from our daily activities of rearing cattles and sheep. We didnt know that our worst nightmare awaits us.

      "The van sped off and in an hours time we were in the hospital where we also met a large group of boys. I was now a little bit concerned. Because the more we sat there, the more we saw boys coming out from a certain room crying and they were led to a grass where they were all crying and cringing and with no trousers but a piece of rag like towel covering them. I was even more confused. Our names were called one by one, I remember my friend who might have realized what was happening ran away only to be caught and brought back by a security team.

      "My name was finally called and i walked in, in the room there were three women and one white man who looked at me and smiled. The three women who i believe were nurses started asking me questions from my HIV status to do i know anything about circumcision. She explained to me how the a circumcised penis looks like and the importance when it comes to cleanliness. I remember her saying that when you get a girlfriend there is this thing they do called a bj and they wouldnt want a dirty penis. Then she went on on HIV aids that I will never catch the virus and i will never give my partner cervical cancer. All these things were very strange to me, but of course at age 12 i was already an adult. I lost my virginity at age 9. I didnt even know life was this serious all i cared about was my cattle drinking water and well fed.

      "After the talk with the ladies they took me inside a room where i was told to undress. I was so shy but i had to oblidge. I undress and lay down on the bed. The lady gave me an injection around my penis. It was so painful. She had a sharp object that she kept tapping my balls with and asking if i felt any pain. I said yes which she gave me a second injection. I still felt pain after the tap. She then asked me if i drink alcohol I said a bit. She added the third then the fourth then the fifth which now i didnt feel any pain. From there i was feeling dizzy but could see everything. How they cut my penis and put cotton wrap around it. I was bleeding. I had never seen blood on my penis before. At this moment i was not feeling any pain but just seeing blood. They then gave me the rag to wrap around and walked me out just like the rest of the other boys. I layed on the grass at this moment i felt some very strong pain I have never felt in my entire life. I started crying and calling out for my mother. It was so painful. They came out with the white guy. They gave us each a bottle of soda and bread and some medicine too. After that we were put back into our vans we had come with. The journey going back was very different. The boys that came happy and singing were now crying and confused.

      "Watch out for part two on the healing journey and how my best friend died too from all these events. Rest in peace kevin"

      Wenn aus Recht Unrecht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht! (Bertold Brecht)
      Bräuche und Traditionen können den Menschen an jegliche Abscheulichkeiten gewöhnen (G.B. Shaw)
      Nicht unseren Vorvätern wollen wir trachten uns würdig zu zeigen - nein: unserer Enkelkinder! (Bertha von Suttner)