Abraham L. Wolbarst

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    • Abraham L. Wolbarst

      Abraham Leo Wolbarst, M.D., (1872 – 1952) a New York City physician, was a notorious promoter of non-therapeutic neonatal male circumcision

      Aber Achtung! Das irgendwas mit irgendwas zu tun hat ist natürlich eine klassische Verschwörungstheorie! :D

      One may consider even more worrying Svoboda’s saying, “Physician Abraham Wolbarst had the genius to perceive that the surest way to preserve male circumcision as a religious rite within the Jewish community was to generalize it throughout the whole society as a necessary health precaution.” The reader may view such a statement, even if certainly unintended, as open to abuse by conspiracy theorists.
      Where have all the foreskins gone
      long time passing
      where have all the foreskins gone
      long time ago
      where have all the foreskins gone
      blades cut them one by one
      When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?