Schweden: BGM-Debatte im Reichstag

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    • Schweden: BGM-Debatte im Reichstag

      Haaretz schrieb:

      Titled “Prohibition of nonmedical circumcision,” the proposed text, on which a vote has not yet been scheduled, states that “The Riksdag stands behind what is stated in the motion to introduce a ban on nonmedical circumcision of children and announces this to the government.”
      In Jomshof’s reasoning for the draft motion, he wrote that the practice, which Jews perform on 8-day-old babies and many Muslims have performed a bit later in childhood, “is a regular abuse of the individual child as well as an infringement of the child’s integrity and self-determination.”
      “It would be sad if Sweden internationally appeared as a backward nation instead of actively seeking to protect children’s rights,” Jomshof added.
      Zwischentöne sind Krampf
      im Anti-Verstümmelungskampf