"In the end, they decided to forego the ritual"

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    • "In the end, they decided to forego the ritual"

      In order to direct the play, Barry, who is not Jewish, said he needed “first to jam with Caplan about his Jewish heritage” and then to sort out his own feelings about the Jewish religion. He and Moscovitch had been together for about a decade when their son, Elijah, was born, and they had to decide whether or not to circumcise him. “Even though I’ve directed a number of Jewish plays,” he said, “it’s different when you have a progressive Jewish wife and her rabbi, who say that circumcision is not necessary in order to be Jewish. And I had an instinct not to cause pain to my son.” (In the end, they decided to forego the ritual.)
      Zwischentöne sind Krampf
      im Anti-Verstümmelungskampf