Cemal Knudsen Yucel: "Can I get my foreskin back?"

    • Cemal Knudsen Yucel: "Can I get my foreskin back?"

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      Cemal Knudsen Yucel was circumcised when he was nine years old. Now he is no longer Muslim, and believes circumcision of boy children should be banned.

      Cemal Knudsen Yucel schrieb:

      I could have had complications. I could have died. It was not my choice and it is completely wrong.

      Cemal Knudsen Yucel schrieb:

      It is completely wrong, absurd and brutally to cut off a healthy part of the body.

      Yucel schrieb:

      I'm pretty sure most Muslims do not know why they practice this. They circumcise their boys because they themselves have been circumcised by their fathers

      Cemal believes circumcision of boys under 18 should have been banned. Preferably long ago.

      Right said! :thumbup:

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