Luring young boys with k2500

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    • Luring young boys with k2500

      Medical Male circumcision no longer voluntary , luring boys with k2500
      Pensulo health centre widely known as Joshua for its donor’ name is where this exercise was taken place.
      A woman in the community said her young brother came to her for permission after being convinced with the amount.
      It is not clear if this medical procedure really helps to reduce chances of being infected with HIV as circumcised males are also reported to enhance the dryness during sex which is arguable to promote the spread of the pandemic.…y-luring-boys-with-k2500/

      Auch ganz interessant:

      In the study, women reported they were significantly more likely to have experienced vaginal dryness during sex with circumcised men than with uncircumcised ones.These results suggest that the male foreskin provides a moveable barrier that protects the sensitive lining of the vagina, reduces friction and chafing, and prevents the loss of natural lubrication during intercourse.
      Es hat alles seinen Sinn!…ms-of-vaginal-dryness.htm
      Zwischentöne sind Krampf
      im Anti-Verstümmelungskampf