"throwing his condoms away" - die Milliarden-Dollar-Verarsche

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    • "throwing his condoms away" - die Milliarden-Dollar-Verarsche

      “I changed my mind and became convinced that circumcision will never help in controlling HIV/AIDS”

      Das ist doch verräterisch:

      By contrast, the men in the clinical trials had sessions before and after circumcision, and every six months during the 21-month follow-up period. Some public-health advocates argue that the protocols used in the trials should be replicated closely in the campaigns, otherwise they will not be as effective.

      Studies of this phenomenon — known as risk compensation — are just starting to shed light on how circumcision alters behaviour,...

      Ob das vielleicht ein wenig spät ist?

      ...that one-fifth of men and women they interviewed said that condom use is less necessary and that HIV is a less serious threat because male circumcision is available.

      As one woman who was interviewed for the study put it: “Circumcised men who are HIV-positive can have sex with women and the women will not get the infection easily.”

      Wovon träumen die nachts?

      “There is evidence in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania that shows that generally women are overstating the benefits of circumcision and believe the risk to be lower than it actually is,” she says.

      Aber bei Auvert ist natürlich wieder alles anders, wer hätte das gedacht? :evil:

      “Why bother with the procedure if you have to continue to use condoms?” he asks. “The whole point is, 'if I have the procedure I don't need to'.”

      ...even if some women are placed at greater risk in the short term.

      Das sind halt Kollateralschäden, das kennt man ja... :cursing:

      ..do whatever it takes to get men in and out that door

      Und das nennt man dann freiwillig... :cursing:

      So circumcision providers are coming up with innovative ways to recruit more men

      Da bleibt man dann lieber nebulös. Aber seit wann ist Bestechung "innovativ"?

      “There's a lot of pressure right now in this country because of PEPFAR and others,”

      Und das nennt man dann freiwillig... :cursing:

      In Kenya, some service providers are even offering 'moonlight circumcisions' at night, or financial incentives for referrals. More money is also being invested, but this has put significant pressure on local service providers to operate on more men. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, based in Seattle, Washington, has implemented a pay-for-performance model in Zambia, for instance, in which organizations are reimbursed on the basis of their ability to reach a target number of circumcisions.

      Es ist ja alles so freiwillig! (würg)

      Es geht nur noch um Geld. Massenverstümmelung im Akkord. Die Prämie! Die Prämie!

      Zwischentöne sind Krampf
      im Anti-Verstümmelungskampf
    • I changed my mind and became convinced that circumcision will never help in controlling HIV/AIDS

      But others disagreed, arguing that some populations did not fit this pattern and that the correlation could be explained by other factors relating to the prevalence of circumcision, such as religious practice. Garenne himself became sceptical. In 1994, he was working in South Africa, where he found a huge HIV epidemic even though many men were circumcised. “I changed my mind and became convinced that circumcision will never help in controlling HIV/AIDS,” he says.

      But some scientists worry that the benefits reported for circumcision in clinical trials will not bear out to the same degree when scaled up to tackle a messy epidemic that is spread as much through behaviour as biology. In particular, they say that men are getting mixed messages about the benefits of circumcision. Another concern is the effect on women, who gain no direct protection from the circumcision campaign, and may even face greater risk. Critics say the programmes could increase the risk of HIV infection in some populations by encouraging people to engage in risky sexual behaviours, such as forgoing condoms.

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      • Die Vorhaut kann mit einer Rosenknospe verglichen werden. Wie eine Rosenknospe wird sie erst blühen, wenn die Zeit gekommen ist. Niemand öffnet eine Rosenknospe, um sie zum Blühen zu bringen (Dr. med. H. L. Tan).
      • Alle Wahrheit verläuft in drei Stadien: Im ersten wird sie verlacht. Im zweiten wird sie vehement bekämpft. Im dritten wird sie als selbstverständlich anerkannt (Arthur Schopenhauer).
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