Slow Motion Penis Horror

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    • Slow Motion Penis Horror

      "North American doctors have been injecting greater & greater amounts of anesthetic directly into the baby's penis, in a futile attempt to stop the baby from thrashing & trying to escape the restraint board. Their latest tactic is to shove a sugar pacifier down the baby's throat so that the baby has to choose between choking to death or sucking the pacifier for dear life. All human beings have an inalienable right to refuse genital surgery. North American doctors will be the last people to find out... European doctors have denounced them in no uncertain terms. North American doctors are the shame of the world medical community."…2Fwatch%3Fv%3DE4Rv8tqPihY
      "Man muss diese versteinerten Verhältnisse dadurch zum Tanzen zwingen, dass man ihnen ihre eigne Melodie vorsingt!" K.M.